by Faintheart

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released March 3, 2017

Engineer: Sean Lea
Producer: Corey Martin

Recorded at ShadowScape Studios in Kansas City, MO



all rights reserved


Faintheart Kansas City, Missouri

Faintheart hails from the Sunshine State of Kansas. The Fly Over States. The Midwest. Faintheart's style combines the midwest upbringing to create emotive, introspective indie rock. That’s polished. With the release of their Self Titled EP it shows that Faintheart is here to deliver emotion, stories, authenticity, and ask a few questions along the way. ... more


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Track Name: Common Sense
I promise I’m not being selfish.
On my way to self acceptance
Seams have come undone
Who have I become?

Am I a thief?
Or just the common man
I take what I want,
No future plans

Seams have come undone.
Who have I become?

Is it common sense?
Or just self defense?
Why do we live like this?
Never meant to live like this.

The first day that I sank my teeth
Was the day I learned I could bleed
Falling in and out of confidence and doubt

Shame has got a way of sticking to you
Heavier the weight I’m falling into
Promises are promises I never tend to keep

I’m unraveling from my own doing,
and insecurity.
Just take a look at me,
tell me what you see?
Track Name: You and I
I was the only son
I was the childish one.
I was invincible, a bit of a loaded gun.

I was too proud to show all of the fear below.
I let the pain erode
I'll let the monster grow

I'll find you out, I'll find the answer
The one that we've been searching for
I'll find the cure to fight the cancer
That cripples my bones to the core
I will go until I know that the answer that I'm after is You.

Underneath is this skin
Is a boy who plays pretend
What's been done has been done and will be done again.

I wish I could change
The way that I was made
I'm full of imperfect
Just tell me I'm worth it
Track Name: Close Your Eyes
Crossed my mind, to make an effort to try, what if I fail? What if it’s no use? The hours pass,
and what's my excuse? Every day, build this brick by brick. Plan I’ve made, could be a sinking
ship but if I stop now, we’ll never know.

When you’ve been hiding, you’ve been hiding from all of this. Just close your eyes and close
your eyes and it won’t exist.

On this solid ground I fell, I’ll pick up myself. Could it be, I'm in over my head trying to be
someone else. And it’s been so long since I’ve felt any bit of ordinary, and it’s been too long that
the thought of freedom starts to scare me.

When you’ve been hiding, you’ve been hiding from all of this. Just close your eyes and, close
your eyes and it won’t exist

When the pain comes, when the hurt is all you feel, just close your eyes, none of this is real.

When you’ve been hiding, you’ve been hiding from all of this. Just close your eyes and, close
your eyes and it won’t exist.
Track Name: Two Hearted
I've chose to guard my heart

Long enough to know

That lovers come and lovers go, Lovers come and go.

If home is where the heart is

I'm living in a house that's haunted

From the ghosts of the ones I loved the most

Could two hearts be better than one?

I'd give you all my love

But the second has none.

& what could've been has gone paper thin

Could two hearts be better than none?

It’s not fair

that we haven’t discovered

the same love for each other

a hidden life we keep

It’s not fair

we can’t blame all the others

Maybe I will recover

Im trying desperately

I wanna change, but its hard to do

You’ll never change, even though I wanted you

I wanna to change, drag myself from you

Try to find my way, but every action follows you